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My name is Viorel Moraru, I was born and raised in România. I have a bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in History, both received from Valahia University of Târgoviște.

I am not a professional artist, I am just a guy who likes stories. I start a drawing by building on something that I imagined, read or seen. I use drawing poses, facial expressions and photos to help me achieve the scene I want to create. I`m working on improving my drawing skills and my English. I want to create my own stile, to be able to draw dynamic characters and cool backgrounds. One of my future objectives is to go from a blank page to a complete graphic novel, with only a pen and paper (without using reference or using them as little as possible).

Opportunities, illusions and self-awareness

Self-publishing has presented me and others with unprecedented opportunities, nowadays anyone can show his creations to the world with the push of a button. However, it is common sense to know that self-publishing does not guarantee success, the lack of experience and not having an editor, can turn a beautiful dream in to a nightmare. The newcomer`s ”masterpiece” may be inferior in quality, this will make the readers to light up torches, burn the ”unholy” book and avoid  independent authors.  Indie authors are now side by side with established authors, indie books are listed side by side with mainstream books. Love them, or hate them – indie authors (like me) are here, and their self-published books stormed the online stores.

I promise that I will try to avoid the beginner traps, and at the end of the day I will put my head on the pillow and say to myself: ”today i did my best, tomorrow i`ll do better”!

You can find my books and comics on Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, Lulu.

I am currently working on:

The Executioner (Codex Dracula Book 3)” – Genre: Comic Book, Horror, Mystery.

Balada lui Brâncoveanu” – Categorie: Bandă Desenată, Istorie.

Contact information

Email: codexdracula@gmail.com




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